The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recently published this document –  ‘Opinion No 01/2018 – Introduction of Regulatory Framework for the Operation of UAS in the Open and Specific Categories.’

UVS International (UVSI),the leading international organisation dedicated to the promotion of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), has provided an initial summary of the document..

The new proposals have differences in comparison to the original draft, registration requirements being one in particular. The requirement is to register the Operator but the UAV only needs registration under certain circumstances. There will be reduced distances permitted (5m) if the equipment has a number of specific capabilities. Some key pertinent points are highlighted below:

  • The airborne unit will have to have an “e-identification” number
  • Lights on UAVs that can be used at night will need to be different to those that are used on manned aircraft, in order to avoid confusion
  • Low speed mode that limits the speed of the UAV to 3 m/s will enable C2 category UAVs to fly to 3m proximity values
  • Max height will be 120m or 394 ft.
EASA Opinion

This table provides a high-level summary of the EASA opinion